Growl 1.1.3

iconアプリケーションからの通知をデスクトップに表示してくれる環境設定パネル(フリーウェア Universal)

What's New

Growl core improvements

  • Worked around conflict with Logitech Control Center 2.4, and implemented countermeasures in case another input-manager hack in the future has the same bug
  • Show notifications on every Space (Leopard)
  • Fixed bug that caused Growl to silently not show notifications if you deleted your default display
  • Fixed bug where Growl would fail to clean up .growlRegDict files in the Temporary Items folder, instead leaving them to appear in the Trash when you next logged in
  • Use the alert-sound device, rather than the default sound device, to play sounds
  • Don't spam the Console log when a forwarding attempt fails

Extras improvements

  • Rewrote GrowlMail to fix conflict between it and Leopard, and make it much more robust for the future
  • GrowlMail installer package now allows installing to other startup volumes without restarting
  • Updated GrowlSafari to work with Safari 3.0 and later (thanks to Ben Willmore)
  • Fixed growlnotify to actually send the notification on Leopard
  • GrowlTunes no longer shows the rating if it's 0, since you probably just haven't rated it
  • Fixed German localization of GrowlTunes

Preference pane improvements

  • Moved the version number outside of the Credits file, so we don't need to update that file every version
  • Fixed a hang on changing the default display
  • Updated the Brazilian Portuguese localization

Display improvements

  • Fixed displaying a close widget on mouse-over
  • Fixed humongous memory leaks in WebKit display
  • Made obtaining image data in WebKit display more efficient
  • Fixed displays to register a click on mouse-up, not mouse-down
  • Updated French and Dutch localizations of displays' preferences

 アプリケーションからの通知をおしゃれに表示して、Mac を使うのをより楽しくしてくれる、Growl がアップデート。

 多くのソフトが Growl の通知に対応しています。




 日本語ローカライズは、Daisuke Okada さん。

Download : Growl

Growl のそのほかの記事

 → life with i - Mac, iPhone, iPad のある生活

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