MagiCal 1.1a3

iconメニューバークロック&カレンダー(フリーウェア Universal)

What's New


  • [fix] The format HH now correctly uses a 12 hour clock instead of 24.
  • [fix] Date and time drop-downs are now populated with default option lists again.
  • [fix] Fixed bug with date icon selection drop-down.


  • [fix] The time now correctly updates for clock text and icon. Previously the clock would not update until the first time the preferences were accessed.
  • [chg] It has been found that the check for updates feature is causing an extra 0.5% CPU usage, even when idle. Until this can be eliminated, this option has been disabled.
  • [opt] MagiCal 1.1 has been rewritten from the ground up for better performance and stability. When seconds display or clock separator flashing is enabled the CPU usage is now around 0.5%. If these options are disabled, MagiCal now uses effectively zero CPU.


  • [new] It is now possible to re-order or menu time and date components by command-dragging them. You can also drag each component to the left or right hand side of the other menu items, or remove them by dragging them out of the bar. It is not possible to interleave magical menu items with menu items from other programs however.
  • [new] MagiCal now features a brand new calendar rendered using webkit. This features a more customisable design than before. Anyone with web development abilities can modify the design by editing the CSS files in the application package. A themes/skins system will be added in a future release. There may be some glitches with the new calendar, and it may not work on Mac OS 10.3, in which case you can use the legacy calender option to use the calendar from earlier MagiCal versions.
  • [new] MagiCal now uses better font rendering for the clock, and includes new font options including typeface, bold, italic and "condensed".
  • [new] Clock and calendar icons in the menu bar can now be tinted to match the colour of the time/date text if you so choose.
  • [new] Clicking on a date in the calendar now opens iCal at that date.
  • [chg] Calendars are now ordinary document windows, and can be minimised to the Dock. The float on desktop option has been removed for this version, but will be restored in a future release.
  • [opt] MagiCal no longer relaunches SystemUIServer every time the menu items are re-arranged, only once when the program is launched.
  • [chg] MagiCal's preferences have been expanded and re-arranged to include the new options in a more intuitive layout.
  • [new] MagiCal now includes Traditional Chinese localisation.
  • [new] MagiCal now features a new, more stylish icon.
  • [new] MagiCal can now check for updates on a weekly or daily basis, not just when the program is launched.

 月間カレンダーも表示できるメニューバークロック&カレンダー、MagiCal の次期バージョンアルファ版が登場。

 v1.1 では、Command キーを押しながらドラッグして、


 MagiCal の環境設定も新しいデザインになりました。「Calendar」タブでは、プレビュー表示を見ながらオプションを選択できます。


 Universal Binary 版のほかに、PPC 版と Intel 版も用意されています。まだ、アルファ版ですので、試用は自己責任で。

Download : Charcoal Design

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